Friends and Fever

Pastor Bryan Gallant rescued us from Jakarta on Thursday afternoon.  It is approximately a 3 hour drive to Bandung.  As we approached closer to Bandung the terrain was mountainous, with vivid flowers and rice terraces.  Beautiful.
Once arriving to the Gallants home we were greeting by Penny, and their 4 children.  It wasn't long before the children were off exploring rooms, toys, outside and enjoying each other's company.  Penny had a feast ready for us.  Already we feel so endeared to this family.

Friday morning and Nathaniel is struggling with a fever.  The Tylenol is now working and he is asleep.  I am so grateful that we are with the Gallants as they gladly took my 3 oldest children to town with them and left me to tend to Nathaniel.  It ministered to my mommy heart to be able to read him books and chitter chat with him, without having to worry about the other three.  So God has provided once again.  If we need to go to the hospital we are close, but for now my patient is well hydrated and fever below 100.


  1. So this is the story behind your face book comment that Nathaniel is better....So glad you had a good place and quiet time to tend to him!

  2. So glad he is doing better and you have the Gallants as supports!!


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