Growing Fingernails

I'm stepping aside, my house helper has arrived!  Monday I accompanied Darron to the office to clarify that it truly was "me" looking for a house helper.  That must have satisfied the language barriers and cultural differences, because Tuesday I was called to the office to meet "Hensley".  Today, Wednesday, Hensley came and cleaned until the floors glistened.  Can you hear the audible sigh of relief?!

I do believe in no time she will have this home whipped into shape.  This has already freed me to do some organizing in other rooms, etc.  In time when Hensley knows the foods we like to eat and different expectations it will be even more freeing.  This is all so new and ALMOST uncomfortable to me.  I am not used to delegating my own families "dirt".  I reliaze that it will be key to my long term survival here in this culture.  Also, it is expected that I as a foreignor will hire someone to help me.

Hensley is in her last year of college, and speaks great English.  However, she also speaks Bahasa Indonesian and is working with us on our great language learning task.

We also are no longer doing our own laundry.  Our landlord picks it up and delivers it from and to our door on his motor cycle.  One day I will take a picture of the folded shirts and pants.  Incredibly precise, puts to shame my folding abilities.

So I guess it is time to grow out my finger nails.  Just kidding.  There is still pleanty of work to do!  Grocery shopped today, only spent one million.  : )  I miss Aldies!!!!!

Darron has relapsed, so if he is not better by tomorrow we will go to the hospital and have some test's run.  Thinking possible worms or amebas.  He is still well hydrated.  Probably was that chili and taco bell sauce.  Sorry dear!  We haven't skipped school this week.

Our class room.  This is where we are 5 days a week....

One of our 5 teachers.
On the way to school a few days ago we saw a cat riding on a man's shoulders while he was driving his motor cycle.  There is always so much to see out the windows.  No boring highways in this city.

Everyday the same taxi comes and picks us up.  This is so much easier than riding the ankots.  Now we can leave our house at 7:00.   So little by little it is all coming together.  Thanks for your prayers, for following along and for laughing with us as we travel on this journey.


  1. So glad your children get to school with you every day! What a blessing to their little souls adjusting. And now you will have little translators to help you out. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. It challenges are view of daily comforts. Praise the Lord for Hensley and your Laundry man!

  2. It was expected that my parents would also provide employment for the local people. It's a rather nice expectation, isn't it? You'll get used to it in time. It will hopefully free you up to have more time to be mom/teacher/wife without the added endless tasks which are never really done :)

  3. Maybe there wouldn't be for me the having-others-do-my-family-dirt part of culture shock since I'm used to having so much done for me already. Should I start packing my bags and come on around to your side of the world since I'm already broke in? I think I can understand you're delima from my perspective of camping. It would be so much more free to pitch my own tent and cook my own meals. The best thing for me is the people part of having others involved. I wonder about the culter shock for the part of divinity that was Jesus' support during His life in a sin filled world? I'm certain the difference for THEM was far greater than anything we will ever know. Praying for you all often.


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