We Found The Trail

                 There are many green houses filled with flowers near to where we live.  They are simply delightful!
Home made bread in a rice cooker!  A loaf a day.....

One of the flower green houses.

Our home, for the next four months.
Sleeping in until 6 a.m. was a true treat today!  At church I think I understood at least 5% of the words spoken in Bahasa.  All the songs are sung in English.  Truly the Indonesians' are very talented when it comes to music and have beautiful voices.  At one point the power point was not working and they simply began to sing the hymn in Bahasa, which seemed much more heart felt.  Though we enjoy singing in English, I often wonder if they are missing out much of the heart meaning and worship by not singing in their mother tongue.  Everybody wants to learn English.  One university student told us, "English is the language of money".  A thought to ponder. Darron's sermon was received well last night.

Our home has an incredible view of mountains.  No imagination is needed to know that there are homes and little trails and a whole other world where we could see.  We had also heard that there is a water fall that way.  For the last several weeks we have asked how to find the trails that lead into the mountains to no avail.  Today we were determined.  So our gang along with the two oldest Gallant children set out in search.  Within 20 minutes we found an open gate that led into our desired destination and thus began our hiking on tiny jungle like trails.  Up and down rugged ridges.  Darron and I were immediately transported back to our times in the Philippine jungles.  Next week I will take my camera to try capture some of the scenery.  Little shack homes were doted here and there, beautiful gardens, a waterfall and a sweet 7 year old girl with visible lice were part of our memories.  The little girl asked in Bahasa if we would be back tomorrow and we understood! : )  This will become a favorite Saturday afternoon destination for us.

Currently, the children are all enjoying a movie.  The dishes done and the floor mopped (we have to sweep after every meal and mop daily to keep the ants away).  Darron is dosing by my side.  We look forward to Sunday morning (our time) as we get to Skype with many of our family members.  Tomorrow we need to get caught up on our homework and go language learn with the local people.  Also, see if we can arrange for taxi's to come and get us all week.  We have discovered that we can ride in a private taxi for the same price as enduring public transportation.

So glad we found the trail today.  Have you found the trail that you are looking for?


  1. I absolutely loved hearing your voice on the video clip even more than seeing the flowers!!! So glad you are all well and found the trail of your lives. We hope you will send us pictures along your travels...will hope to reconnect on skype too, soon! Love you all...

  2. IMPRESSIVE Bread! You are awesome Ruth! Your tribe of men are very, very blessed!!! If you can bake homemade bread in a foreign country, in a rice cooker pot, you are a TRUE WOMAN! Ruth you have arrived! We will pray for great ease and strides in language learning. Delighted that you have private language lessons and such a fabulous teacher!


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