Starch White Uniforms and Nursing Hats

Nurses station, Darron is getting his vital's taken to the middle and right.

School let out at noon and after eating our tomato, cucumber sandwiches (we have stopped eating at the local eatery) we caught 2 angkots for the Advent Hospital.  Inside we were pleasantly surprised by how clean and lovely everything appeared.  Darron was seen promptly.  The Dr wanted to admit him.  However, I asked if we could see the lab results first.  2 hours later we had the results in hand.....revealing that more than likely the cause is viral.  His labs did not show that he was out of balance with electrolytes.  So we felt comfortable going home.  The Dr gave him 5 different prescriptions to help deal with all the symptoms.  Glad to have the diagnosis.  So the total cost to see the Dr, have lab work done and fill prescriptions was under $50 US dollars.
The rooms were impressive.

Bored boys = exploring.  View of the hospital street from the roof of the hospital.

Bored boys, on the roof.

2 "doctors" ready for action.  The ambulances don't respond to most accidents as the traffic is too bad.  So if you witness an accident, then you take the patient to the hospital.

I was ever so curious when upon waiting for Darron's lab results that I saw a door labeled "Wound Specialty".  My immediate reaction was that I wanted to know the types of bandages and supplies they had, also their techniques, etc.  Finally after an hour my curiosity got the better of me and I approached a white capped nurse and asked if I could talk with the "wound" people.  She went to go get a friend and giggling and smiling they led me into the wound care room.  As it turns out, they were 2 of the 5 wound care nurses.  Oh did we have a big chat!!!!  Their supply of bandages and options of wound supplies was minimal, but the duoderms and some of the foams I recognized.  No Polymem though (my favorite product).  We had a big discussion on wound vacs.  They are not allowed in Indonesia.  No  known reason was given.  I was invited to attend their wound seminar in December and share my knowledge...  not sure what I could share, but it sure would be fascinating to attend.

The door that drove my curiosity to far!

My new wound care buddies!

We stumbled home by 6:30.....a long, long day.  The boys were troopers.  Lasagna was awaiting us warm in the rice cooker.  4 a.m. will come soon.  Good night.  Enjoy your scrubs my US nursing buddies.....sure beats those starch white uniforms and nursing caps!


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