Sleep Sacks and Monkeys

Penny and I were lagging behind....making our way to the bridge.

View was breath taking.

They are always ahead of me! 

The falls from up above

Penny and kids

The whole family lives for the weekend now.  When we don't have to fight traffic, don't have to sit in class for hours,when we can sleep in until 6 or 6:30, eat pancakes on Sunday with "toppings" (strawberry, blueberry, Carmel or chocolate) and Skype with friends and family (been having poor connections lately).  This Saturday after church we took off for another hike into the mountains.  This time we headed to the base of the water fall.  The children waded in the water....though it is very cold because at night the temperatures are in the 50's.

Then Darron saw movement near the top of the water fall.  Ever ready with binoculars in hand he spotted 3 monkeys.  They were eating a fruit in the bushes.  After a while they started scaling down the cliff.  The monkeys blended in with the foliage; however, we were able to keep track of them fairly well.  All of us thought it was so cool to see monkeys free.  Andrew is really hoping that he will get to raise a baby monkey.  I personally believe I already have a barrel full!

Darron is feeling much better.  All of us are for that matter.  I think all of us had "it" to a much lesser degree and are all marveling at how much easier life feels this week......  it is Monday....but we are optimistic.

Boys Skyping with friends
Andrew and Elijah try paint ball
Sunday morning Darron chatted with his parents.  Darron's Mom sewed us "sleep sacks" out of sheets before we left.  We have slept in those every single night since departing from America. They are very comforting. Sunday is wash sleep sack day.  By mid morning, Andrew really wanted to play paint ball at a place not far from here, so he was treated to that. He played for 30 minutes with his American friend Elijah.....they thought it was great fun.  Sunday evening was delightful to talk with our old Pathfinder club and friends back in America as they were camping.  To hear every one's voices....even some of the young ones was so heart warming. was heart warming to hear the "old" ones too! : )  I'm right there with you ladies when I say "old"! : )  Thanks for all your hard work!!!!

Looking for monkeys
We have a big test this coming Friday.  Then we get four days off before starting book 2.  So much focus is needed this week to study and review.  Also, some other foreigners who live in our neighborhood experienced a robbery last week.  It is a startling reminder that we are quite vulnerable.  However, we are claiming that God will put a hedge of protection around us and ask that you join us in that prayer.  Thanks for all your support.  Blessings............


  1. So glad that Darren is feeling better and that the local hospital is clean!
    We had Indonesian Gado Gado for supper in your honor. The boys did surprisingly well with the blanched vegetable "haystack" and peanut sauce. I'm hoping that you'll be able to teach as unauthentic local recipe some day. Until then, I'm impressed with your rice cooker lasagna!


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