Skipping School

5 weeks have passed since our feet hit Indonesian soil.  I have marvelled that we have stayed so well.  Until Thursday mid morning.  I felt so nauseated by our break during school that I laid down during the break.....but Mom's can't get sick , so I pulled myself together and back to class we went.  My favorite teacher kept making me repeat words and picking on me. She was quickly loosing "favorite" status.   Clearly I was not focusing and doing well. Uggggh.....

By the time class was out and we were trying to wave down and barter with a taxi (which we can now do in basic Indonesian) Darron was complaining.  I had already bargained with him for the front seat because even on a normal day one can feel nauseated sitting in the back seat . : )  So home we went.
By the time we arrived home Darron was clearly quite ill.  Within a few hours Aubrey was bundled up in hoodie and blankets joining the shivering Dad.  So still on the verge of not doing well, but knowing the family needed me....I pressed on, through Friday also.  The poor guys were so sick.  What was our choice but to skip school?    I find myself calling my mission Mom mentor "Jan"( who lives in Papua for 20 years and who is a nurse) for reassurance on hydration and signs and symptoms that I need to be paying attention too.  Treating foreign bugs with foreign medicine is a different ball game from wound care and rehab nursing!

Thankfully, now that it is Saturday,  fevers are abaiting.  Food is staying where it is suppose to.
There have been some blessings in disguise in this sickness.  1.  We were able to get an extra day off school! : )  2.  The Gallant family really needed us Friday for a certain situation....if we had been in school and well, we would have not been available.  3.  We are building immunity!

So what should every missionary mom have in her purse?  Hand sanitizer and tissues (for bathrooms with no toilet paper), & band aids.   The list is growing.....I'm thinking "anti nausea" meds are going in.  One never knows.......when "it" could hit.

This afternoon I had the opportunity to speak to a group of woman.  Those of you who know me well, know that I love to "speak"! : )  Darron and I were given tickets to a banquet on December 4.  Also the dean of nursing from the university approached me and asked if I want to teach or speak to the girls of the university.  Those of you who know me really well, know that I really love to "teach", expecially nursing related material.  So even if I need to turn down requests because my main focus right now is to learn the language.....I think this was just a little reassurance from God to me that He is going to allow me to still have opportunities to grow and do some of the things I love.  :  )  Isn't that is just like Him?!?!!!


  1. Awesome! Well, not the sickness, but all the other opportunities!

  2. Charcoal capsules are something I never leave home without. I know Jan too! Amazing, this small Adventist world. Hope you're all feeling better now.

  3. You can speak with me, but I'm not a nursing students.. Is that will be okay?


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